"A family tree can wither if nobody tends its roots."

Family Heirlooms

This page is devoted to our family heirlooms which is a very important part of genealogy. Family treasures help connect us all in a personal way. Whether you’re sharing or viewing an item, photos and stories help link us all together. When my grandparents were young they were able to share their heirlooms in person by running across the street to visit with family. New generations have spread out across the world so we need to share via photos and stories. Family heirlooms past and current belong in this website. We have to think about the generations yet to be born. An item doesn’t have to be “old” to be a family heirloom. For example, if you are a collector send me a photo of an item in your collection so that your great grandchildren will know a little about you. If you have a photo of an heirloom that you would like to display, please email it to me (along with a comment) and help this page grow! Click on any photo to enlarge it, use the back arrow to return to the blog post.



Harrison Baptismal Gown 1888  
This baptismal gown was worn by my husband’s grandmother and her siblings as early as 1888.  Alma Harrison Porche (1895), Donald Arthur Zeck (1946), Ashley Zeck Miller (1984), and Abigail Rose Miller (2013) are some of the babies who wore this gown.  
Toni V Accordion 2013  
Del Principe Accordion
Submitted by Toni J.
 Grandfather Clock built in 1934 in Germany.
Purchased by Gilbert for his wife Bertha Del Principe.
Amada’s (Hank) First Communion Bible May 1911.  
My mother Corinne’s Rosary. Click on any photo to enlarge them.  

IMG_0216 IMG_0215

Watch given to Emil Del Principe from his wife Rose Solomon in 1938


Turkey Platter that Gilbert bought for my mother Corinne.
Submitted by Lori A.

Del Principe Accordion submitted by John M.  
Wine Press submitted by Allen and Marie Adezio  
This serving dish came from Germany with my grandmother Bertha Del Principe
This necklace was made by my grandfather Gilbert for his wife Bertha  
A locket that belonged to Bertha. The photograph inside is either Bertha or Elivra.  
I collect Angel statues. This Angel is resting on a piece of lace that I bought in Italy on our vacation in the Jubilee year 2000.  
My grandmother Bertha Del Principe’s Bible  
My mother Corinne collected Snow Babies and so do I. The one in the middle is mine, the other two were mom’s.  
Del Principe Accordions  
Ciolli Family Crest submitted by Allen and Marie Adezio.  
My mother collected plates and so do I. Lori gave mom the Thomas Kincaid plate and I gave her the plate of Ellis Island.  
Robert Gilbert Winike’s Accordion submitted by Holly H.  
This is a Roman coin that my husband gave to me depicting the Emperor Philip (244-249 DC).  
Grandpa Gilbert’s Movie Camera submitted by Holly H.  
According to Grandpa Frank “In Italy it is good luck to put coins under a newborn’s crib mattress”. Grandpa Frank put these silver dollars under Ashley’s mattress when she was one month old.  
Certificate of Registration. If you visit Ellis Island be sure to look for our families name on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor.  
Clock made by my grandfather Gilbert Del Principe for my brother Rob.