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Historical Records for Del Principe – Part 2

by  Phyllis Zeck

Below is continued research from Kathy at GenTracer.  She has dug deeper into our family roots to uncover more of our Del Principe ancestors.  Click on the page above titled “Del Principe & Ciolli Family Tree” to see more charts like the one below.

Documentation from GenTracer:

The goal of the Zeck #4A research project was to comb through the civil registration records of Pescasseroli, L’Aquila in order to extend the client’s ancestral lines.  Emphasis was to be placed on the Ciolli and Del Principe families.  However, any other family lines could be extended where needed.  Because the targeted family members of this project were born and married before civil registrations began, our search was limited to the death records of Pescasseroli.

The project began with Raffaele Ciolli and his wife, Speranza Tudini.  In previous research their marriage was sought but not located.  As Raffaele and Speranza were noted as alive in the marriage banns for their son Pietrantonio Amabile in 1854, their death records were searched for after that year.  The death indexes of Pescasseroli were examined for 1854-1857 (FHL #1360904), death records for 1858-1861 (FHL #1360905), death records for 1861-1863 (FHL #1360906), and death records for 1864-1865 (FHL #1360907), the last available year of the microfilmed civil registration records of Pescasseroli.  Their deaths were not found.

The del Principe line was not pursued as the death dates of Donato del Principe and his father, Mattio del Principe occurred before the earliest civil registration records and the deaths of earlier generations would probably not be included in the processetti files of the marriages of their descendants.

The search now turned to locating the death of Maria Scolastica Salterelli, wife of Mattio del Principe, who died after 1829, and Cesidio Boccia, husband of Maria Domenica Gentile.  Cesidio also died after 1829. The death indexes of Pescasseroli were searched for 1829-1833 (FHL #1360877), death records for 1833-1836 (FHL #1360878), death records for 1837-1839 (FHL #1360879), death records for 1839-1843 (FHL #1360900), death records for 1843-1846 (FHL #1360901), death records for 1847-1850 (FHL #1360902), death records for  1851-1854 (FHL #1360903), and death records for 1854-1858 (FHL #1360904).

The following death record was found in 1855: #9: The death of Cesidio Boccia was filed on 9 March 1855 in Pescasseroli by Custode Tudini, relative of the deceased, age 61, a property owner, and Luigi Valente, relative of the deceased, age 45, a farmer, residents of Pescasseroli.  Cesidio died at home on 9 March, at the age of 73.  He was a property owner living in Pescasseroli.  He was born in Pescasseroli, a son of Michele Boccia and Lauda Saltarelli, both deceased.  Cesidio was the widower of Maria Domenica Gentile.  (Document 1)

The name of Cesidio Boccia’s wife matches with the information from prior research.  If Annamaria Boccia, the daughter of Cesidio Boccia and Maria Domenica Gentile was born in 1808 as suggested, Cesidio would have been 26 years old at the time of Annamaria’’s birth.

The search of the Pescasseroli death indexes continued in the records for 1858-1861 (FHL #1360905) and records for 1861-1863 (FHL #1360906) where the death of Maria Scolastica Salterelli was found as follows: #34: The death of Maria Scolastica Salterelli was filed on 29 May 1861 in Pescasseroli by Francesco Papa, age 49, a laborer, and Paolino del Principe, age 60, a property owner, residents of Pescasseroli.  Maria Scolastica died at home on 28 May at the age of 89.  She was a spinner, born and residing in Pescasseroli, a daughter of Anseleto Salterelli and Clarice Ciolli, both deceased.  Maria Scolastica Salterelli was the widow of Mattio del Principe.  (Document 2)

Next, the death record of Maria Tarquino, the wife of Donato del Principe, was searched for prior to 19 November 1816.  We searched the death records for 1811-1818 (FHL #1360874), the death records for 1809-1811 (FHL #1360802). Her death was not found among the Pescasseroli records back to 1809.

The last death search was for Lucia Sant’’Ercole, the wife of Antonio Gentile.  She died sometime after 25 April 1820. We searched the death records for 1818-1823 (FHL #1360875) and death records for 1824-1828 (FHL#1360876). Her death was found as follows: #12: The death of  Lucia Sant’Ercole was filed on 11 June 1825 in Pescasseroli by Domenico di Pirro, the son-in-law of the deceased, age 36, a blacksmith, and Leonardo Viscipure, son-in-law of the deceased, age 31, a landowner, residents of Pescasseroli.  Lucia died at home on 10 June, at the age of 61.  Lucia Santercole was a property owner, born and residing in Pescasseroli, a daughter of Giovanni Santercole and Carmina di Addario, both deceased. She was the widow of Antonio Gentile.  (Document 3)

We can now search for the deaths of the parents of Cesidio Boccia and Maria Scolastica Saltarelli and Lucia Sant’Ercole in the civil records back to 1809. Further research on the other lines can be done in the church records before the civil records (that started in 1809) through correspondence or on-site research.

It’s exciting to add new names to our Del Principe family tree.  Thank you to Kathy for all your hard work.


3 Responses to Historical Records for Del Principe – Part 2

  1. 12 years ago by Andrea Maxwell

    Hi…I was wondering about something I saw on your family tree, concerning the children of Matteo del Principe. I see that you have Giustino Gennaro, the son, listed as being born in 1835. Is this correct, and if so, in what documentation did you find this? It just seems strange that the mother would be 64 years old when he was born. I am looking for one of my ancestors, Gennaro del Principe, father of Maria Sabina del Principe. But she had children in that year also, so I am wondering…is this a typo?

  2. 12 years ago by Ron Del Principe

    I know nothing about my Del Principe ancestors. My father Julian was born in 1911 in West Islip, PA. His father (first name unk.) died when my father was 4. He never told me his first name or ever talked about him, perhaps because he never really knew him. Both Julian’s father and mother (name unk) came to the US, I guess through Ellis as they settled in NY. I know of 4 Del Principe children: Sal (killed in WW II, Anne, Vincent, and Julian. (perhaps a fifth only known as Delle. My father never talked about his ancestors or even where they were from in Italy. I now think it must have been Pescasseroli. Does anyone have further info? thanks, Ron

  3. 12 years ago by Dane Del Principe

    Dane Del Principe here. 60 years old from Schaumburg, IL. Grandson of Cesidio Del Principe from Pescasseroli, Italy. Son of Joseph A. Del Principe (deceased). Hi to any and all relatives I may have here!


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