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Photo Help

by  Phyllis Zeck

Does anyone know who is in following photos?  Photo number one is my grandfather Gilbert.  The back of the photo says “Pete, Philly, Leona, and Turk”.  Photo number two -we were told that the brothers lured Pietro to the roof top to snap his photo, he hated to have his photo taken.  I think Gilbert is with Pietro.  Photos number three and four are unknown.


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  1. 7 years ago by Donna Wik

    I want to thank Tom Butch for his post. Was trying to confirm Boccia/Butch. I am from Buffalo and am trying to trace my maternal grandfather’s family. He was Louis Leon(e) son of Clement and Mary or Deletta(?) Butch Leon(e). I found Clement and Luca on a 1891 manifest from Opi to Ellis Island. Again Luca & Maria and possibly Louis in 1901. I do not know if there are multiple marriages, however.


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