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Send A Card

by  Phyllis Zeck

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My cousin Toni sent me a copy of a letter that our grandfather wrote to her in 1980.  Click here to read it Letter from Grandpa 1980.  Thank you Toni for sharing this. 


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3 Responses to Send A Card

  1. 9 years ago by Lori Anderson

    What a great note, thanks for sharing Toni!

  2. 9 years ago by Rob Uncle Poppy

    So wonderful to see Grandpa’s handwriting again! Thank you Toni for sending it and Phyllis for thinking about posting it! It’s true, we can get closer to our ancestors by viewing their handwriting! Especially if we were lucky enough to have seen it often growing up. I remember getting notes from Grandpa over the holidays like this one he sent Toni, but I sure don’t have one to keep and treasure. Wish I had one from my father but he wasn’t one to write much. I do remember getting a couple of notes from Grandpa attached to an occasional Ann Landers column, warning us boys that we were “on the road to perdition!” I’m sure Ann Landers helped a lot of people in her time. But as Grandpa was wont to always say about people, “She’s dead now!”

  3. 9 years ago by Lisa Sullivan Taisey

    Such a touching article! I feel the same way when I come across anything that has family writings on it. My favorite is my Moms baby book. It is a huge treasure in my genealogy quest to see WHO attended my Moms 1st Birthday Party and all the gifts she received!


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