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Abigail Rose’s Baptism

by  Phyllis Zeck

Abigail Rose Baptism

Abigail Rose Miller

On Sunday May 19th, 2013 Abigail was baptized at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Vancouver, Washington.  Ashley and Matt asked my brother Rob and his wife Judy to be Abby’s Godparents.  Rob holds a special place in Ashley’s heart as he is her Godfather.   Rob was with us at St Mary’s Cathedral when Ashley was a senior in high school and she was confirmed.  Two years ago Rob gave a reading at St Mary’s Cathedral during Ashley and Matt’s wedding ceremony.   

Ashley was baptized at St. Francis Church in Portland Oregon in 1984.  The gown that Ashley and Abigail wore is a heirloom from my mother-in-law Yvonne’s family. The children of Pauline Baumann and Harry Hill Harrison wore this gown; Homer born 1888, Violet born 1889, Beulah born 1891, and Alma born 1895.  Alma is Abigail’s great great grandmother.  This gown at least 125 years old.    Click here to read about the Harrison family in a previous blog post.  

Ashley with her Godparents and my mother 1984

Ashley with her Godparents (my brother Rob and my sister Holly) and my mother 1984

Abby with her godparents and parents

Abby with her godparents & parents


Other babies who were baptized in this gown were Frank & Don, John & Brian, Don Jr & Heidi.  My mother-in-law Yvonne left us a note telling us she used to dress her Mary Jane dolls in the gown and said that the gown was not used for her generation.  Yvonne asked that this gown be passed down with love and respect.

Heidi, Ashley, Don Sr, Don Jr

Heidi, Ashley, Don Sr, Don Jr

For this sacred ceremony Abigail Rose wore the same treasured gown as her ancestors.  And so precious Abby, may the blessings of the Lord be with you on this happy day and always!


2 Responses to Abigail Rose’s Baptism

  1. 11 years ago by Lori Anderson

    A beautiful gown for a beautiful baby on a beautiful day!

  2. 11 years ago by Peggy Robinson

    How special is that!! So many generations in the gown passed down–and little Abigail looking beautiful


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