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Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery

by  Phyllis Zeck

Many of our ancestors graves will be found at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois.  My grandfather Gilbert is buried here.

Del Prinicpe Headstone

Mount Carmel Cemetery is maintained by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.   In 1901 Mount Carmel Cemetery was consecrated.  The cemetery is currently 214 acres. There are over 226,275 people buried at Mount Carmel.

Bishops Mausoleum

Mount Carmel is the site of the Bishops’ Mausoleum where seven Bishops, Archbishops and auxiliary Bishops are entombed, including most recently, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, who was entombed in 1996. Also on the cemetery grounds are the final resting places of a number of local organized crime figures such as Al Capone.  There are over 400 family mausoleums located on the cemetery grounds.


2 Responses to Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery

  1. 12 years ago by Sean Costin

    I love this website.

    I have been researching my wife’s ancestry for the last 3 months. We know her great great Grandfather was Fillipo DÁntonio b. 1851 from Pescasserole and his wife was Ascenzia Di Perro (a last name known in Opi) and their son was Concenzio DÁntonio b.1890 who settled in Chicago where we live today.

    We believe Fillipo returned to Italy and we don’t have records to indicate that Ascenzia ever came to the US. We’d like to find out the best way to get more details about them and perhaps go back further through church records. They are not showing up on Ancestry.com or Family Search.org.

    Any thoughts?


  2. 11 years ago by MARY ANN BERTINI

    You have to search the Ellis Island Archives. They have complete records of who entered the United States from the 1880’s to 1927 circa. Go to Ellis Island Passenger Search.


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