"A family tree can wither if nobody tends its roots."


Our Family Tree is Growing

by  Phyllis Zeck

I’ve made some changes to our GEDCOM reports and have added a new page to the website where you will find the GEDCOM reports.  I’ve changed the birth year in Ancestry.com for Elvira Ciolli to 1867.  Elvira’s death record indicates her birth year is 1874.  Kathy from Gen Tracer was unable to find a birth record for her.  I’ve reviewed the census from 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930.  The information on the census records and the date that is engraved in her head stone led me to believe Elvira’s birth year is 1867.

Bigstock FAMILY Word collage on white 13243772

Also, thank you to Mary for the detailed information about Antonio’s daughter Elvira and Elvira’s descendants.  I’ve added names and birth years along with other information.  In the new GEDCOM reports you’ll see that information has been added about the ships that Elvira and Pietro were on when they arrived from Italy.  The last few pages of the reports contain my source documents if you are trying to reference something and want to know where I got my information from.


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