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Pescasseroli’s Infiorata

by  Phyllis Zeck

A few weeks ago my cousin, Joe Del Principe, emailed me a link to a you tube video that we’d like to share.  Joe wrote “I thought you might like to have a copy of this Youtube video. It is from Pescasseroli this year during the Infiorata.” Infiorata means decorated with flowers. The whole community takes part in the tradition. The elderly collect flowers and the children and young people implement the designs. Flower petals are used to create amazing works of art in the streets for Pescasseroli’s annual flower art festival.  

Pescasseroli Italy


Joe explained “At about the 2 minute mark in the video the local priest is talking, and in the background, on the building behind him, there is a sign “B&B”. That is Salvatore Toscano’s B&B della via piazza where we stayed while we were visiting there.” Salvatore’s great, great grandmother Ester and my great grandmother Elvira were sisters.  I inquired about the church in the background and Joe explained, “it is the Chiesa Del SS Apostoli Pietro e Paolo, which is where many of our family had been baptized and married.”  

I love listening to the church bells chime. One day I hope to dig through those church records! Thanks for sharing Joe. Click here to watch the video.



2 Responses to Pescasseroli’s Infiorata

  1. 8 years ago by Rob Winike

    What a fantastic fiesta to attend! Your post made me feel like I was there; thanks Phyllis! For info @ the B+B see: http://www.bebviadellapiazza.it/ — and Salvatore has a Facebook page.

    For inspiring photos of the pescasseroli infiorata, click: https://www.google.com/search?q=pescasseroli+infiorata&rlz=1C1CHWA_enUS573US573&espv=2&biw=1304&bih=683&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=vjyjVa6pF9a2oQTO0ZmQBA&ved=0CB0QsAQ

  2. 8 years ago by Valerie Ciolli Stockmar

    Such a beautiful article! I’m sure you can smell the flowers all around.
    Relatives from around Pescasseroli celebrating as they have for years!


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