"A family tree can wither if nobody tends its roots."


Turning Family Recipes into Memories

by  Phyllis Zeck

Gilbert Del Principe

My Grandfather Gilbert

My cousin Gina emailed me a few days ago to see if I had her mother’s (my Aunt Phyllis’) recipe for Pasta Fagioli. I told her that I didn’t and she replied that it made her sad that the recipe is now lost forever. That is sad!

Auntie Phyllis told me that she remembered visiting her Grandmother Elvira as a young child. She’d sit in the kitchen and watch Elvira cook.  Auntie Phyl said her grandmother knew very little English. Auntie told me “I didn’t speak much Italian, but it didn’t matter, we understood each other perfectly”.

So come on cousins, let’s share some recipes. Email me your favorite family recipe and I will copy and paste it into a blog post. Let’s spice up our heritage by turning delicious family recipes into memories.



Who Do You Think You Are?

by  Phyllis Zeck

One of my favorite summer shows returns for a 5th season on TLC Wednesday July 23rd!  This season the series spotlights Valerie Bertinelli, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Lauren Graham, Kelsey Grammar, Rachel McAdams, and Cynthia Nixon.

Check out the new season highlights at TLC with Cynthia Nixon by clicking here.




Ancestors Lost and Found

by  Phyllis Zeck

It sure makes me happy when I get a message on this website from a “new” relative. Kathy posted the following comment “I am the granddaughter of Emil and Rose Del Principe and the daughter of their daughter Eleanore.” Kathy told me that she remembers Uncle Gilbert (my grandfather).  Kathy has generously shared some memories and some wonderful family photos.  Thank you Kathy for stories and photos of Emil and Rose and their descendants that have been missing from our lives for many years!

Amelio (Emil) was the third son born in 1891 to Pietro and Elvira Del Principe. Emil immigrated from Pescasseroli, Italy with Elvira and his two older brothers Antonio and Giuseppe aboard the ship The Wester and arrived in the United States on August 21, 1893.

Emil and Rose 1943

Emil and Rose 1943

Emil and his wife Rose Solomon had five children: Bernie, Anne, Nora Filomena (born in 1915, she survived only 12 days), William, and Eleanore.  Click here for Bernard Del Principe’s Birth Record 14 Nov 1911.  Emil worked for the Sears company in downtown Chicago and passed away in 1948.  

The photo below is Kathy in front of the music store at 5516 W. North Ave. Rose lived above the store with daughter Annie and her husband Henry after Emil passed away.  

Kathy (Emil & Rose's granddaughter)

Kathy (Emil & Rose’s granddaughter)

Next door at 5518 W North Ave was the Chicago Public Library. Kathy lived in the back apartment with her sister Emilia (CeeCee) and parents, Eleanore (Emil’s daughter) and Ted until she married in 1966. Emil’s son William and spouse Caroline lived in the front apartment.

Emil’s son Bernie and wife Florence lived across the street at 5517 W North Ave with their 3 children Bernie (Skip), Patricia, and Rosemary. Once again you can see that back in the “olden” days families did not move far away from each other which is one of the reasons I love my large Italian family!

Click on the photos below to enlarge them. 




My DNA – Add A Large Splash of Scandinavia

by  Phyllis Zeck

Two weeks ago I received my Ancestry.com DNA results and the breakdown really surprised me.  Click on the photos below to see a larger view of the images.  My approximate lineage is: Scandinavia 33%, Italy/Greece 25% (no surprise here), Great Britain 18%, Iberian Peninsula 9%, Ireland 5%, and West Asia 9%. I am stumped by these results.  If any of my cousins out there know something about my Scandinavian ancestors please send me an email ASAP.


DNA Results 2


My Great Britain DNA extends to Germany.  My mother’s mother Bertha Marie Christina Reher was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1901.  I believe Bertha’s parents Caroline and August were also born in Germany.  

When I expand on each region I get a closer look at the countries of my ethnicity.  Scandinavia includes mostly Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Hamburg is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Denmark.  Perhaps Bertha’s grandparents were born in Scandinavia. 

The Iberian Peninsula region is mostly Spain and southern France.  West Asia includes Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.   Below is a detailed photo of my Italian ethnicity and how my DNA compares to a typical person native to the Italy/Greece region.


DNA Italy


I keep saying this, but I’ve got to start digging into my father’s lineage.  After seeing the results of my DNA breakdown I wonder if his ancestors were Scandinavian.  My father’s mother was Grace M. Norder, born in Monroe Wisconsin. Grace’s father Edwin C Norder (born in 1880) and Grace’s mother Tilly (born in 1879) were born in Wisconsin. According to the 1910 census Edwin’s parents were born in the U.S. but Tilly’s father was born in Germany, her mother was born in New York.  My father’s father was Frank Winike.  I know nothing about him or his ancestors.  Maybe they were born in the Scandinavian countries.

Along with my ethnicity chart came a very, very long list of 3rd, 4th, and distant cousin matches.  The research never ends…



Ciolli Ancestral Lines in Pescasseroli and Opi Italy

by  Phyllis Zeck

Below is continued research from Kathy at GenTracer.  She has dug deeper into our family roots to uncover more about our Ciolli ancestors.  This may be the last research project that Kathy is able to give to us from the United States.  When I met with Kathy in Salt Lake City last month she said that continued research could be done at the family church, the Parish of St Pietro & St Paolo in Pescasseroli.  However researching the church records could be tricky.  The church index is by first name, then by last name (in Latin form).  

I was able to add many new names to my Ancestry.com tree such as Baldassare Ursitti and Alessandro Cucuzza (my 5th great grandfathers) and Maxine Serone (my 5th great grandmother).  Click here to read some Family Group Records and Source Citations.  Thank you Kathy, for your research.

Click here for some updated reports:   
GEDCOM Del Principe, Mattio Mar 25, 2014
GEDCOM Ciolli, Medici Carmine Mar 25, 2014
GEDCOM Ursitti, Baldassare Mar 25, 2014

Click here to see more family Pedigree views:

Del Principe Family Tree

The research goal was to extend ancestral lines in Pescasseroli and Opi, L’Aquila.  The project began with the birth, marriage and death records of Opi for 1828-1837 (FHL #1227908). They included:

#2, (source #1) the marriage of Angelico Ursitti to Nunziata Maria Celesta d’Arcangelo, filed on 2 October 1831. The groom was 33 years old, born in Opi and a landowner living in Opi. He was a son of the late Domenico Ursitti and of Nicodema Serafina Cocuzza, a landowner living in Opi. The bride was 20 years old, born in Opi and living in Opi. She was a daughter of Filippo d’Arcangelo, a landowner living in Opi and of the late Mariantonia Bevilacqua. The list of allegati (supplementary documents filed in connection with this marriage) included the birth extracts of the bride and goom, the death of the late Domenico Ursitti (the father of the groom), the death of the late Baldassare Ursitti (the paternal grandfather of the groom), the death of the late Mariantonia Bevilacqua, mother of the bride. The margin note on the far right shows that this wedding occurred on 30 December in the parish of Opi. This is longer than usual between the intention and the marriage, but since both the bride and groom were landowners, that made them just below nobility in social stature and this might have been an enormous wedding celebration that took a long to time plan and organize. Of course, it’s also possible that a family member’s ill health delayed the wedding. Source #1

2, (source #2) the marriage processetti (supplementary documents) for the above marriage. This 8 page file started with an extract of the birth of the groom. This extract was produced by the parish of Santa Maria Assunta in Opi, click here for a 360 degree view of the church. On 17 November 1798 was the baptism of an infant born the same day at 1700 hours. The child was born to the married couple of Domenico Ursitti, son of Baldassare Ursitti of Opi and to Nicodema Serafina Cucuzza, daughter of Alessandro Cucuzza and Maxine Serone of this place and named Angelico [Ursitti]. 

Page 2 was an extract of the birth of Nunziata Maria Celesta d’Arcangelo, filed on 9 May 1811 in Opi. The birth was reported by Filippo d’Arcangelo, a citizen, 26 years old and living on strada la Piazza #77. the female child was born at 3 am on 8 May to his legitimate wife, Mariantonia Bevilacqua. She was a daughter of Agostino Bevilacqua and of Barbara Norci, residents of the town of Gallinaro (Frosinone province).

Pages 3-4 were an extract of the death of Domenico Ursitti in the town of Villetta (L’Aquila province), filed on 21 May 1829. The death was reported by Arcangelo Celiolonio, 42 years old and a laborer and by Benedetto Clemente, 22 years old and a quarry worker living in this town. The death occurred on 21 May. He was from Opi and at the hospital in Velletta. He was 60 years old, born in Opi and a landowner who lived in Opi. He was a son of the late Baldassare Ursitti, a landowner who lived in Opi.

Page 4 was an extract of the death of Baldassare Ursitti reported in the parish of Santa Maria Assunta in Opi. It was reported on 18 December 1790. He was from Opi, about 59 years old. He received the last rites. His son was Domenico Urisitti.

Page 6 was an extract of the death of Mariantonia Bevilacqua, filed in Opi on 7 August 1822. The death was reported by Carlo di Vito, 35 years old and a landowner living in Opi and by Gioacchino Rossi, 51 years old and a landowner living in Opi. She died on 6 August, was 30 years old and the wife of Filippo de Arcangelis. She was born in Gallinaro and a landowner living in Opi. She was a daughter of Don Agostino Bevilacqua, a landowner living in Gallinaro and of Barbara Norci, a landowner living in Gallinaro. Pages 7-8 were another copy of the Solemn Promise to Marry located above (Source #1). Source #2

The birth, marriage and death records of Pescasseroli for 1812-1817 (FHL #1360874) included:

#2, (source #3) the marriage of Leonardo Antonio Visci to Donata Cesidia Gentile, filed on 21 June 1813. The groom was 19 years old and a shepherd living in Pescasseroli. He was a minor (under 21 years) son of Nicolangelo Visci, 60 years old and a shepherd living in this town and of the late Maria Domenica Ciolli. The bride was 23 years old and a homemaker living in this town. She had reached her majority (over 21 years) and was a daughter of the late Antonio Gentile and of Lucia Santercole, 50 years old and a homemaker living in the home of her late husband and giving her consent. The intended wedding was announced on 6 June and 13 June. Source #3

#8, (source #4) the marriage of Ascenzo Notarantonio to Maria Luisa Ciolli, filed on 28 September 1815. The groom 22 years old and a landowner living in this town. He was a minor child (under 21 years) of Nicola Notarantonio, 56 years old and a landowner living in this town and of Scolastica Mascia, 46 years old and a landowner living with her husband and giving consent. The bride was 20 years old and a landowner living in this town. She was a daughter of Fortunato Ciolli, 60 years old and a landowner living in this town and of Gemma d’Arcangelo, a landowner, 60 years old and living with her husband and giving consent. This intended marriage was announced on 17 September and 24 September. Source #4